January 20, 2021
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The demand for renewable forms of energy is on the rise as they play an important role in the process of mitigating the deleterious consequences of climate change. We are surrounded by a plethora of renewable forms of energy, especially solar energy, which has limitless potential in this day and age. Despite that, the prospect of committing yourself to use solar energy might fill you with scepticism, primarily due to the fact that the benefits of solar energy have not been properly articulated. It is time to remove the scepticism pertaining to solar energy.

Myth #1: Solar panels work only when the weather conditions are clear.

Solar panels work in sundry weather conditions. Solar panels can be more efficacious in cold weather conditions as opposed to relatively warmer conditions. In addition to that, clouds do not inhibit the efficiency of solar panels to a great extent; they can be a viable source of electricity as they can still produce enough electricity for your use. Even cold winter days generate sufficient levels of electricity to power up electrical appliances.

Myth #2: Solar energy requires exorbitant amounts of money for maintenance.

The payback period for solar panels, in most domestic instances, is roughly 4 to 6 years. For a business organisation that operates during the day, the payback period can be as short as 3 years. It is not a bad deal when you take into account the fact that the lifespan of solar panels is generally north of 20 years and most manufacturers offer a warranty period that ranges from 12 to 25 years. The cost of maintaining solar panels is negligible as they do not have any moving parts; so, in most cases, little to no maintenance is required. Solar panels are durable and may only require you to brush off all the dust once, or maybe twice, a year to remain at maximum output.

Myth #3: Solar panels are useless after their lifespan ends and are bad for the environment.

Actually, solar panels have a lifespan of 25 years after which they can be easily recycled. This all depends on your manufacturer (CHOOSE WISELY!). Additionally, some manufacturers will even recycle them for free. Recycling your old solar panels is as easy as going to a restaurant and placing an order for your favourite dish. So don’t sweat about it.

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