February 1, 2020
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February 1, 2020 Rahul B Pillai


Solar Energy: Its clean source of energy.

We come across a lot of folks who complain about the intense sunlight and the heat associated with it. Have you ever thought about how effectively we can leverage the solar energy we receive on a daily basis? If not, its hight time to think so.

The main advantage of solar energy is that it doesn’t generate any pollutants. In other words, it is the cleanest form energy that we can harness. A lot of countries have started utilizing solar energy but we still believe there is a long way to go.

Below are some reasons we should harness solar energy as much as we can.

1.Power all day long

Your solar system is connected to the grid. This means your home has power even when it’s cloudy, during a storm and during the night. The excess energy your solar system generates during the day is sent back to the grid.

We are living in a country where you can’t predict the availability of power. Whether you are an organization or a house, without power you are at a standstill. So instead of relying on a single source of power, it is always advisable to have a backup. Solar solutions are more than just a backup. It is a sustainable solution.

Switch to solar and stay ON all day long!

2. Save Money Every year

The major set back everybody thinks about while planning to set up a solar solution is the cost of installation. What they don’t think is the money they can save after the setup.

Yes, the installation cost may be heavy for some pockets, but the savings that come after is definitely a bliss for any pocket. Besides saving up a lot on your utility bills, you might get a big portion of your money back by installing solar power plants.

There are a lot of plans by the government that makes solar solutions much more feasible. These include subsidies and others such as giving back electricity to the electricity board.

3. For the love towards Mother Nature

So above all, it all comes to this. The resources we are using extensively today are hurting and tampering nature to a great extent. Whether it be the fossil fuels or anything, they are not clean and is affecting the balance of nature.

In the case of solar solutions, we are harnessing something which is perfectly clean and available in abundance. It doesn’t create any by-products that harm nature in any way. Instead, it’s a reliever.

So the take from this is, by shifting to solar solutions, not only you are saving a lot of money. You are giving back something to our country and our mother nature.


With a lot of countries fastly adapting to Solar solutions to empower their daily lives, it’s high time we follow the same.

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