Besides saving up a lot on your utility bills, you might get a big portion of your money back by installing solar power plants.


Your solar system is connected to the grid. This means your home has power even when it’s cloudy, during a storm and during the night. The excess energy your solar system generates during the day is sent back to the grid.


You would be hard-pressed to find an energy device that requires less maintenance than solar power plants.

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Establishing energy-efficient homes without sacrificing comfort levels is at the heart of what we do at Electree

Electree Energy Solutions is one of top leading solar company in Kerala, renowned for it’s reliable, unparalleled solar panel installation and provider of high quality solar products to the ordinary people at reasonable price across Kerala. We believes in delivering power to all with least expenditure. We provide smart yet simple and affordable technique of energy services to your homes. With this clean energy source, you will experience phenomenal energy savings with the perks of environment-friendly living.We offer all kind of services like Solar EPC, site survey, structural solutions, PV modules installation and much more.

Our ultimate goal is to make power supply available to everyone equally with no anxiousness about bills, low maintenance cost and paving the way to technological development.

Together, let’s create a planet run by the Sun.

Muhammed Rabeeh

Muhammed Rabeeh
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Great company and they did a great job. Professional and clean up everything. I am very satisfied.



Mr. Soman

Electree offered us first class service, their staff was professional and knowledgeable, the disruption was minimal and the team genuinely showed an understanding of the needs of the business and how to best meet our needs.

Mr. Soman

Rtrd Executive Engineer KSEB

Use 100% of your own Solar Energy



Greater Savings

Besides saving up a lot on your utility bills, you might get a big portion of your money back by installing solar panels. Most governments give tax credits to homeowners in a bid to encourage the use of solar energy. These tax credits mostly cover more than 30% of the installation cost.


Save Energy

Once your panel is up and running, you will enjoy the benefits for over 30 years, while injecting just a small amount for its maintenance. If your energy needs change and you desire to add more panels, it would be a lot easier.


Reduce Carbon Footprint

With every kWh of Grid electricity we consume, we are indirectly producing carbon (CO2) emission at approximately 1 metric Ton per 1000 kWh consumed. By producing and consuming your own green solar energy, not only will you achieve substantial savings, you will be reducing your carbon footprint while contributing to a more sustainable environment for the future.


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